We Offer The PRO-NOX™ Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Analgesia System

To Help Patients Who May Feel Pain Or Anxiety During Vein Treatments

Here at The Vein and Vascular Institute, the comfort of our patients during treatment is one of our top priorities. Although our in-office treatments such as spider vein treatmentvaricose vein removal and venous insufficiency treatment (EVLT) are minimally invasive and virtually painless, some patients may feel anxious about having a procedure done, and may be more susceptible to feeling discomfort or pain during treatment.

We are happy to offer patients the option of using the PRO-NOX™ system during treatment to reduce pain and anxiety.

How Does The PRO-NOX™ System Work?

The PRO-NOX™ system is a self-administered nitrous oxide and oxygen analgesia system that allows you to control how much pain and anxiety relief you receive by inhaling the gas through a tube you place in your mouth. You are in total control of how much or how little gas you inhale, based on your discomfort level.

You will feel the effects immediately, helping you to relax through your procedure. You will be generally aware of the procedure, however, any discomfort or anxiety will be greatly reduced.

The gas mixture clears from your body within minutes, so you will be alert and able to function safely after the procedure.

This nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture of gas has been proven safe and effective and has been used for decades by patients undergoing dental procedures and other medical procedures for sedation.